My tryst with perfection

Growing up, I was never the achiever. To say that I was even in contention for that would be an overstatement. I was always content with just passing the line. This was because I used to procrastinate till the very last moment and prided myself for for surviving another day. This was my way of coping with the “All or Nothing mentality” that I have. Since, I lacked the discipline, I decided to stay out of the game.

With time something interesting happened. I started moving iteratively. I was abundant. I had nothing to lose. I set goals which at the time seemed impossible. Then it happened. I got something that I had once longed for. I felt on top of my little world and then it all came crashing down. I wasn’t happy. I stopped taking risks. Beyond all that I stopped living in the moment and was paranoid all the time.

I was so afraid of losing what I had that I failed to acknowledge everything that had gotten me there. Now, I have since given up what I once held very dear and reflected on the experience deeply since then.

The dream is always better than the reality.
Our value system is based upon our perception of things. The motivation, desire and all the other emotions that are triggered on the thought of getting something is always stronger than the experience itself. This is a key thing that we will have to remember while setting our goal.

Dream higher. Go farther.
Dream here is like the moon. It should be ever elusive. Unattainable and always forcing us to better our yesterday. Whether we reach the dream is of no significance. It will remove all the chains that are self enforced or society enforced. It will give you a purpose that is intrinsic and will keep pushing you further.

Be happy with what you have. Proud of what you do. Never content with where you are.
Always be prepared to lose what you have and be grateful for it. For, what you have now is a dream for yesteryear you. Next, in order to be proud of what we do, we will have to do something better than yesterday. This can only be done if you can enjoy it. Finally, being content with where you are puts chains around you. You lose what got you there and you slowly become a shell of your former self.

Thus, I finally understood that perfection is a philosophy. You live by rules with the aim to reach an ideal. The ideals of honour, valour, chastity, frugality, compassion and care are ideals set by a good state so that the people of the state emerge the strongest. The statue of a king is to set a goal for the subjects.

In today’s world rotten with hedonism and narcissism which will lead us to our eventual despair. The onus is upon us to emerge victorious, which I am sure we will.

Chess, it is.

Ego breeds solitude
Solitude breeds insecurity
Insecurity breeds anger
Anger breeds hatred
Culture breeds boundaries
Contentment breeds peace
Desire breeds war
Self-respect breeds respect
Courage breeds following
Abundance breeds confidence
Scarcity breeds fear
The more attention you give, the less attention you get.
The less attention you give, the more attention you get.
You are not who you are, rather you are just the perception of who you are.
But then, who are you really ?

Why is it that in times of peace, we seek war ?
Why is it that in times of war, we seek peace ?
When a particular decision is being taken, should we look into the circumstances that led to the decision or the decision itself ?

The human mind processes everything with respect a rule, or rules. Every single one of us is that way. We make choices based on rules. The rules are born out of emotions. Some of us process the emotion directly and show it out. Others, ponder about it, make decisions and act in accordance with it.

Some of the rules are because of selfishness, others are to find belonging amongst the crowd.  The role of a king is to maintain the perceptions of his subjects so that an emotion is born within them. Only when that is done can he make his subjects act according to his rule.

How do we rise from this game?

What we can do is to not let others set the rules, rather we can analytically break down existing rules that we have formulated to bring new ones. You can break them down by looking into the circumstances that led to them. The circumstances would have created an emotion in you and that is the root cause.

Next, you will have to make decisions based upon what is meaningful to you and from what I have seen most people have things that are larger than life slumbering within them. I believe that is when we will be able to rise above this  game of chess.



The truest lie

When you think that there is nothing that can take you down. When you feel invincible. When you get to the point where you take others for granted, when you feel on top of the world and ultimately when you feel that the entire world must revolve around you. That is when the most agonizingly beautiful fall happens.

We go about everyday so transfixed with ourselves that we believe that we have got everything right. We are so confident with our thoughts that we fail to look at the our own insanity.  As much as all the material objects offer a person happiness, they are all just us going through the cycle of desire and pain. We go through that cycle till the day we die.

There is no doubt that narcissism will get you what you want in terms of material pleasures and that is why it is the most beautiful of lies. It has so much of truth to it that it is often not possible to look beyond it. This constant wave of emotions is what most of us get to experience our entire lives.

The real truth however is to notice within us the source of all our misery. Beyond the anxiety, pain, sadness and happiness lies our attachment to the self. Hence the irony is in the fact that the self is misery. The point when you dissociate with the self, you will escape the waves to find tranquility.

That is when happiness and sadness will seem alike as all attachments are attachments to the self, there is no attachment at all after the tie with the self is broken. You shall become the experiences that you go  through with only the present being the true reality. The mind shall finally find peace and solace in that calm and still place.


Democracy and its flaws

Google defines democracy as “A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives”. My definition of democracy is “A system of government by representatives who are able to manipulate the majority of the population”. The system was introduced with good intentions in mind. However, it has failed the test of time.

There are questions that you must all answer before you move forward. What gives you rights? How are rights decided?

My take on rights is this. A large number of people come together, decide on the rules of their social interactions. Everyone in the group adheres to these rules out of their fear of facing everyone else’s wrath.

What the people did consciously or unconsciously was to put boxes in their own heads. Boxes filled with rights and wrongs. The purpose here was to facilitate a strong base of human populace united against an enemy(death by the various causes). This is how problems within a clan were minimized and all the energy was spent on the fight against the enemies. Institutions of power all served this purpose.

This has created two more problems. the first one is that people have a limiting bar over their heads(Which is kept by those in power). Second is that for democracy or any clan to stay united, there has to be internal fighting so that majority is satisfied every time there is an election and people don’t break over the bar. This is done by people in power to maintain their power and it becomes a cycle.

The right vs The left is a commonplace around all democracies however what are they trying to achieve. The people who vote don’t have any idea about management. We vote on the basis of their promises and their agenda. We don’t even know the long-term repercussions of these plans. We are just like spoilt children going behind candy. This form of government is just like coke, porn, Instagram or cigarettes. It preys on instant gratification.

Let’s assume you do elect the correct leader. We give the leaders 5 years time. What can be achieved in 5 years? Nothing much that is actually worthwhile. Can a person change the entire country without long-term plans? No. Planning is different from execution and it might need changes. If another leader comes the next time will he or she share the same vision? No.

For a minute, remove all your emotional attachments. Decide as a human, where do you want the human civilization to go to next?

It is time for everyone to answer this question. It is time for a decentralized system. Each institution however small must enable a voting system of all the skilled people fit for that institution. The rigorous check on nepotism is the only one that must exist.

No one can save us if we can’t save ourselves.



The pyramid of life.

Every day we go about our lives with a drive given by our emotions. We are attached to a great many things. Our dreams, friends, family and the next big fad. The few times that we actually question about what we are doing, real-life problems drive us away from it. Ever since I started asking why?, I have been round and about this labyrinth with no avail reaching the point of existential nihilism. However, with repeated thought, we recognize patterns all around us. One such pattern that I have seen is the pyramid.

Pyramid as a structure of hierarchy is seen while representing the animal kingdom. With the pecking order having the carnivores at the top which are fewer in number as compared to the vast number of herbivores in the bottom. Similarly, the system around us works like a pyramid. The lowest paid people who do the grunt job are at the lowest point. The expert visionary and manipulator at the top. Your way to the top of the pyramid involves how many people respect you and look at you like the fit representative. Here comes the duel of perceptions and you have to win everyone over by love or fear to get to the top. Doesn’t seem like anything new right? This must be there in your organization, state and country and all its institutions. Now that the What’s over, let’s get to the Why?

Why does the pyramid exist? Why does communism really never work out? Why do the select few always come out on top?

There are several dimensions to this and I am going to write about only one. I ran through the maze, ignoring the pyramid. Ignoring college and the world around me. All it led me to was heavy bouts of depression and existential crisis. With natural danger now gone, if people are given no system, they’ll reach the same fate. Hence, to keep the human kind occupied and to give it purpose is the throne at the top of the largest pyramid. The way to the top involves amorality and the know-how of every layer’s perception. To suffer the pain so that no one else has to.  This is the pyramid of life.


Adversity: The only recipe for progress.

We are all probably living in the greatest era yet. The one in which information is available to everybody. Yet the number of pioneers has not increased exponentially. The humankind which conquered the moon has not attempted going to mars and worse yet, there is just one person to even have such audacious dreams. Caste, creed and racism which must be bygones have still not been eliminated. There is no sign of utopia.

Before tackling the above problem, I want you to introspect yourself on the following questions.  Who are you? What is your nationality? Which neighbourhood do you belong to? What is your race? What is your bank balance? How do these questions define you?

The questions come in many forms, however, the impact is the same. It’s division instead of unity. Before blaming anyone for the above shown division, realise that human beings still have their primal instincts as their goal during an action. Division enables power and the pyramid trickle system of wealth (Subject of another article by itself). For now, we will look into the former statement. By dividing people on the basis of number or wealth, there is power within that group. Every member of the group feels empowered and gets an undue advantage or at least feels like it. When this is done on a hereditary basis, it is even worse as children are sown with either hatred or superior mentality in them. This leads to fighting among groups(low level) and fighting among people(high level) in a cunning and amoral manner.

The problem is where this leads to. It does not lead to real development. It does not advance the human kind. Instead what it ended up doing was to bring two big ad agencies(facebook and google), a gadget seller(apple) and an online market(amazon)  as the most powerful forces on earth.

Is this the result to be expected of the greatest generation yet. Nope, the key reason why we have failed to evolve is as we are disrupting industries and making new discoveries, we have failed to evolve as humans as all those discoveries are mostly done with monetization on the mind. We still think with our brains(profit), heart(emotion) or genitals(sex, which transcends to desire for a costly thing as they are a measure of success).

Shouldn’t our goals be conquering the universe, renewable energy for everyone, destroy poverty(With population control) and increase longevity. However, the thirst for a division which harbours power is far too strong. The only point where humans have gone against division is when people are intimidated and face a great problem. During war or famine, our superior primal instincts group together to unite us in the face of the greater enemy which more often than not death. Hence, it is my strong belief that only adversity can bring about unity and advancement.

Finally, now let’s tackle the problem at hand. History has shown us that being docile and risk-free makes us corrupt. For us to move forward we must let go of the past and only remember the lessons. Never associate emotions to the past. Humankind has to be restructured. All the existing symbols of division must be destroyed (caste, creed, nationality, language, race and money) and instead children should be thought of a common objective. All the resources in the world must be pooled on this common objective, one common language and one common system. In order to bring unity, an artificial pressure system must be bought into place. As the pioneer of the generation will get the maximum respect and benefits. This ticks all the three boxes(brain, heart and genital). As we always have, humans will move toward it with great vigour as it satisfies the requirements.

When companies can rule our brains using excess sugar, nicotine and what not, can’t we condition the minds of the future generations to achieve something different?

Nature has rules. We have to design the system using the rules to our advantage.   This might all be wistful thinking or eccentric foolishness, however, I believe its food for thought.

The illusion of satisfaction

Hello everybody,

I am sure all of us have been intrigued by the rise of the few from apparently nothing to unsurmountable heights and also by the people who have squandered everything that they inherited. I have come to realize that there must be something that threads them all together.

Only the people who are ready to lose it all can win it all. The people who come up from rock bottom know this far too well. They fight through the odds time and again only through the force of desire. The key point here is that they fight to conquer. Both victory and defeat catapult them to further success as the only thing on their mind is their next move.

The fall happens under two conditions. It is when people are satisfied with what they have, which makes them timid and weak due to the fear of loss. More often than not, staying the same position becomes a challenge in itself.  They rest on the laurels of the past and talk of the old times as they have the fall. The second condition is when a person is born under luxury or at least well to do circumstances. They mostly are devoid of any thirst and mostly never set out on a path for themselves as the necessity has never befallen them. Even when they do, they are too scared to lose and too attached to the present.

Each person climbs a ladder. The ladder called life. Some people are so scared of the fall that they refuse to even start climbing. Others stop midway after getting scared of the fall below them. Overtime they are comfortable where they are. Naturally, they just decay and fall. Only a select few keep going on, they get up stronger every time they fall. They learn something new every step of the way and keep moving forward.

History was never written by those who were satisfied, it was written by the people who kept going forward always looking towards the future and never resting in the past or with what they have.






Hello everybody,

Over the years, I have had my views on life change drastically. After all this, I have realized that life is the biggest enigma of them all as every view that I have had was right in some sense. So in order to probe further, I needed to find the pattern. With enough ups and downs in my life, I figured life was a circle in every perspective I have had so far. The goal was to definitely escape that circle.

After reading a lot into philosophy and what different religions had to say on the matter, I found out the treasure in the most unlikely place. The aghori babas of kasi had a worthwhile answer to this. If we assume god to be another word for inner peace, their have the absolute answer. To the pusillanimous, this might seem even insane but to get answers you must look into the most unlikely of places.

To any normal person, their way of life will seem very putrid. However, it is in that very nature of theirs that they found the answer. They do not practice amorality which stems out of greed and self centeredness , rather it is to prove to us and themselves that everything is just the same and it is just upto one’s own perception. To them, smelling the most fragrant flower is the same as to stand next to a putrid corpse. Their dedication and discipline to achieve such a state is near impossible for us and even if we were capable of it, we wouldn’t as it is in the same circle that we find the heights of euphoria.

Hence, to mimic them in our hedonistic world we have o be oblivious to the bad and appreciative of the good. That way our hearts won’t have too many scars to bear.


This will be my last post in this particular blog. Thank you for all your support.


Thank you,


Get Naked?

Hello everyone,

Till a while back, I used to think that a persons actions and future depended upon what they witnessed all their lives. Well, however the abstruse concept lies in the fact that all that they do is wear masks. The masks fuelled by emotions such as ego, love, hatred, fear, pleasure and what not.  To be completely honest, I got the pseudo high of enlightenment for the past few months, where as in reality i just fell for my lust for pleasure and became a blind hedonist which is also why I was reckless in foisting it around.

To attain nirvana is not to just be independent of others, but is also to be independent of oneself. Everything that controls you is an obstruction from nirvana, so much to the fact that even seeking it will lead you nowhere. We often get so engrossed that we forget what it is to savour a single moment. That moment in a place where you can see the sunset with a gentle breeze brushing across your face in a moment of solitude where in you can do nothing but smile and that is the moment of peace we search for.

Every single person who has seriously attempted anything worthwhile knows that a goal is always a path and not a destination on the long run. Here too it is an exercise of practice, patience and perseverance. To block thoughts on an external level and internal level to focus on an endless abyss of nothing to finally give yourself a break every once in a while is the elusive answer.

To do this you have to get naked, mentally. We do it from time to time and mostly when we travel. Throw off that armour of ego, the ornaments of desire, your  clothes of pride and voila, you’ll be without a single worry in this world. It is funny how uncomfortable it is initially to be actually comfortable in your own skin. You will feel like a child, innocent to the vices that have claimed the modern man.

After this, you suit up, rise and slay like any other day for we are not here for a long time, we are here for a good time.



The Divine Commitment

Hello everyone,

I am going to avoid everything that is in the outside and focus on the inside or the inner peace so per se. With all the dogma that our surroundings have surreptitiously inserted on our minds, it has become increasingly difficult for us to understand our true nature. Whenever one is faced with a predicament, all these fed in ideals come into play. Thereby one has to wonder if his or her choices is really taken by them. So are we all just inert and incapable of making our own choices?

In order to find yourself, you must let go of every single ideal you believe in. You must challenge anything and everything. You must make conclusions based on observations and not based upon things such as social stigma but before all that you have to find yourself. In my last post i described how people react on the basis of their ego and insecurity. Your opinion on yourself turns into what you are on the outside.

Your ego,insecurity,anger,jealousy,sorrow,happiness and every other emotion arises out of your own perception of yourself. That perception is based upon your preconceived notion on how a successful person must be. Now get a clean slate and look at who and what you are. What is it it that you seek and what are you really good at? What’s worth losing and what isnt? Be honest to yourself. Set an end goal towards every action that you take which will move you towards winning over your desires.

After you start this you will notice that your motivation and discipline will no longer shrivel. For you are influencing yourself for your own happiness. This is due to the simple fact that you now work on the basis of logic instead of emotion. A domino effect shall soon start off and before you know it you will be in the game of life, not to be played but to play. Once you are in this stage you will never fully lose as you will always keep worthy things safe. Always remember, your divine commitment is to yourself.

See you there. All the best.